Lexden Saints had Under 10 and Under 12 representation in what proved to be one of the biggest Futsal tournaments that Essex has ever seen. 19 teams at Under 12 and 20 at Under 10 took to the Futsal courts with many aims, one being to win the event for the chance to represent Essex, but the most important aim was to give kids the opportunity to experience tournament Futsal and hopefully encourage them to play the game more regularly.

Under 12’s were in a tough group that had the eventual winners amongst the teams. As Futsal is such a dynamic game it is quite difficult to take in the full experience in the moment, but upon reflection it was an outstanding and progressive performance – each game seeing high improvements in all areas. Coaches, players and parents would have left the tournament, safe in the knowledge they had done their club and themselves proud.

Special thanks must go to Nick Emery from Essex County FA and all those involved on putting everything together over the last few months – they clearly want to put Futsal on the map in Essex and beyond.

Of course there is always room for improvement, but overall the tournament was a success and hopefully it serves as a springboard to bring Futsal to the forefront of player development strategies for years to come.

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